The T1 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the first T-Line turntable, aiming to deliver true high-fidelity sound on a limited budget. Kanto. Best Buy has this non-Phono version in the Walnut color at $148.00 today as well. I am looking to buy a bluetooth speaker for our day-to-day use (Google music, Spotify, radio etc) but would also like to be able to stream the phono to the bluetooth speaker. built-in phono preamp, integrated bluetooth connectivity Details. Best headphones for vinyl: get the most from your records; The loudest Bluetooth speakers: summon the devil himself; The coolest vinyl record storage ideas: display your LPs in style; Phono preamps: size matters. Acrylic Angler Speaker Stands. The built-in Phono stage allows connection to a device’s dedicated Moving Magnet Phono input, while the Line out permits connection to a device’s Line/Aux input, including powered speakers. Add to Wishlist. Add to Cart. Phono Box E BT offers two separate inputs, one phono and one line level input, as well as two separate outputs. And the Bluetooth transmitter has its own power switch, so it transmits only when you want it to. It comes in Steinway gloss black and sets it up in 10/15 minutes. Pair with turntables including PS-HX500 and PS-LX310BT to amplify your records. Enjoy hi-res audio sound with the STR-DH190 AV receiver. 1 x Digital optical; 1 x 3.5mm mini jack line level; Bluetooth wireless technology; HEIGHT: 12.5″ (31.8cm) WIDTH: 7” (17.8cm) 3-speed Belt-drive 33/45/78 rpm, Built-in Bluetooth transmitter, Built-in Phono equalizing amplifier & Phono Line out, High-density MDF cabinet for improved resonance reduction. The TN-280BT delivers the sound wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth transmitter, in addition to conventional RCA output in analog Line or Phono format. This includes a switchable Phono/Line stereo RCA input for anything from a TV to a turntable; 3.5mm (Mini Jack) Input for computers, phones, and other portable devices; Optical input for digital sources like satellite, gaming systems, streamers; Subwoofer output to add a powered subwoofer. Since Bluetooth allows for the creation of mostly secure, local, wireless networks, the technology can be used for more than listening to audio. A phono preamp is a crucial component in any turntable setup. The transferred files sound terrific and clean and warm. The pairing button is located at the right-front side of the cabinet, and pairing indicator tells you the speakers/headphone is successfully connected. What happens if I connect a turntable without preamp to a LINE-level input (AUX, LINE, CD, etc.) The word ‘phono’ comes from ‘phonograph’, the original name for a record player. 1 x Digital optical; 1 x 3.5mm mini jack line level; Bluetooth… If you have an amp or receiver with a clearly labeled phono input, ... You can even connect a simple Bluetooth receiver to your stereo receiver for added connectivity. 1 x pair of RCA phono level inputs with switch for Phono/ Line input versatility (Phono Preamp with ground screw; terminal) 1 x USB digital audio from a PC or Mac single RCA line level; output for connection to sub. The phono/line switch on the turntable is set to phono. Two operating speeds: 33⅓ and 45 rpm. This device does not support Alexa, Google Home, or Airplay. Rediscover the timeless vinyl experience with simple controls and new BLUETOOTH® connectivity. Qty:-+ Limit 20 per customer . The YU4 also comes equipped with a stereo audio RCA input (located on the "Left" powered speaker) and built-in phono preamp, allowing you to connect a line-level source or phono turntable. The common version of this speaker works with Bluetooth 4.0 or 3.5 mm Aux input. Boasting premium materials, stylish aesthetics and a rich, lively sound, the extensive development process has ensured that there has been no compromise in the sound performance when achieving such an affordable price. ... You need a phono preamp to convert this signal to “line level” (i.e. Built-in MM Phono stage aptX® compatible Bluetooth Pre outputs – for connection to separate power amps 4 line level inputs – Including AV Bypass High power, high voltage class AB headphone Bi-wire compatible speaker binding posts CONTROL App control (iOS and android) IR remote control User upgradable firmware – updates to the latest firmware The sound card’s line-in looks like an arrow going into a speaker. $299.99 $359.99 On Sale 16.67% OFF. 1 x pair of RCA phono level inputs with switch for Phono/Line input versatility (Phono Pre-amp with ground screw terminal) 1 x USB digital audio from a PC or Mac single RCA line level output for connection to sub. Switched to phono, you can connect any turntable directly to The One II Phono. AUX). Rated 5 out of 5 by Jim6 from Phono Box BT E I ordered this from the Glasgow store and received a text 3 days later to say it had arrived. Basically, record players need to go through a preamp or perhaps into the phono in on a stereo amp prior to going into the sound card of a computer. Teac TN-280BT 2-speed Belt-drive turntable, with Bluetooth, Phono equalizer, Outputs for Phono, Line By teac ... TEAC TN-280BT 2-speed Analog Turntable with Phono EQ and Bluetooth (Walnut) 7.6 7.1